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Hey Trainers,

PokeAlert 4.0.10 is finally out and is now the ONLY app that runs on the NEW api (0.51)

  • Add support for the new API 0.51 and PokeHash server

  • Added a screen to input your hash server key

  • Added an automatic request throttling. This means that if you use a Key that is not appropriate for your scanning usage, requests won’t fail but will block and get enqueued. The more requests get throttled, the more requests will be queued –> increase in memory —> potential crash. This is only a problem for people that go over board.. stick with a normal accounts number and you should not worry about anything

  • Add 2captcha support so that you can say good bye to store-front and road signs

  • Add a Request per minute counter on the map so that you can start calibrating to see what key is appropriate for you in the eventuality you do buy a key (you can enable this in the settings) I didn’t make 100% accurate because to make it properly it will requires quite a lot of memory..

  • Fix the captcha counter in the Account screen not decreasing when auto-captcha got solved

  • Fix the account total number in the Account not refreshing when deleting accounts

  • Add a “Captcha-Solved” when captcha gets auto-solved (it was only there for manual solving)

  • FastScan(CacheScan) now only available when you are signed-in PokeAlert (Token based reward soon available)

To be able to use the new API you will need to purchase a key Here

If you dont have a captcha key you can register and buy it on their site, This link will give 10% on captcha solve

Download HERE

We new friends!