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Hey Trainers,

Today PokéAlert is being updated to version 4.0.9. There is some major changes and new feeature.

Signup/Signin system

New shiny completely optional sign-in/up system (email, facebook, google, and twitter) You have absolutely NO obligation to signup/signin, this is only here for people that have donated (and will to donate in the future) so that I can disable ads and add extra features for them

We will soon roll-out other new feature that will require you to be signed-in. Not spoiling anything but it will be a completely new PokeAlert captcha solving system where PokeAlert’s’ users can solve Captcha for each other!

Backup accounts

With backup accounts you can now assign a set of accounts that will be used to “on-the-fly” replace accounts that are getting Captcha! This means that, during a scan, if an account gets a Captcha, one of the backup account will scoop in and replace it so that no point are lost. To use it simply created some extra account with PokeAlert account generator and: 1) Select your accounts 2) Long press on them 3) Assign them to the “backup” group”

Lure module placement

Yes exactly! You can now tap on a Pokestop and place a lure freshly earned by one of our lvl 8 or higher account! To place a lure you will need to: 1) Identify in the account screen an account that has a lure (stats screen) 2) Do a Quick-Scan of 70m on the Pokestop you wish toplace the lure on 3) When the scan finish tap on the PokeStop toplace the lure and wait for the success message

Here is the complete list of changes:

  • Tap on a Pokestop to place a lure module (To place a lure you NEED to scan (70m scan) with the account that has the lure directlyon the Pokestop you wish to place the lure on. When the scan finished simply tap on the Pokestop)
  • Added the number of lure in the account stats
  • Added a message when your IP is getting 403 (denied)
  • Added auto save as soon as account gets created from the generator (aka if you were closing the app during the account gen. all the accounts were lost)
  • Fix a crash for now user when pressing the “add account” button on add first startup
  • you can now edit the IV threshold without the need to have the “local notification” enabled, just the external is enough
  • Fix filter copy. The ext notification and distance were not copied
  • Used a new trick to be able to use @gmail for the Account generator
  • Double check if a Pokemon has already been notified (external notification) before notifying it
  • New login system
  • Add a new fixed group called “Backup”. Accounts assigned to this group will replace account that gets captcha during a scanon a grey area after you solved a captcha you will notice next to the account “captcha solved” it means captcha is solved and account is waiting togo back in the scan

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We new friends!