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PokeAlert 4.0.7-8:

  • Common database collecting PokeAlert and PokeMesh scans
  • Fast scan feature to retrieve these results
  • Fix a bug when Pokemon names were Chinese the external notification page was not showing properly
  • Now when an area has all its accounts are marked as captcha or email not active the area is not deleted
  • Added a small account status in the account selection list (so that its clearer because of the above)
  • Add a 4th button in the pokemon info box that let you mark a pokemon as “caught” (check mark icon) this will have the effect to avoid displaying that pokemon again (dont worry it just THAT pokemon at that precise location)
  • Several other bug fixes

PokeAlert 4.0.7-1:

  • Add new Gym screen showing trainer info + pokemon guard info
  • Add support for Gen 2 (finger crossed the API will still be working …) I didn’t find the new gen 2 icons for the HD pack I was using so only the low res will get the new icons
  • Add support for Gen 2 pokemon name in French, chinese, engish and japanese
  • External notification: PokeAlert can now be hooked to a Discord or Telegram channel. Simply tap the “External notification” in the menu. For Discord you simply need to provided your Bot’s webhook. For Telegram you will need to input your Bot’s token and channel id
  • Only one external notification service can be used at once
  • Fix a small bug where red circles were sometimes not clearing up
  • Add a 4th column in the Filter screen to easily enable/disable a poke to be triggered to the external notification
  • Fix a bug where Items were not always dropped and also start dropping rasberries which was forgotten
  • Fix a bug for Android 4.4.2 causing the settings switches to turn on and off magically by themselves when scrolling up and down
  • Add an account count/select in the Account screen
  • Add a captcha count in the Account screen
  • Fix a bug where account selected = 0 in the Account selection dialog fora quick scan
  • Now allow to set 0 in the IV % threshold

We new friends!