What’s new:

Download link: https://github.com/PokeAlert/PokeAlert/releases/download/4.0.6/PokeAlert_4.0.6-4.apk

Discord channel for help : https://discord.gg/3yF9ta7

PokeAlert 4.0.6-4:

For people in rural area the speedcapped detection was not really ideal and was causing to much false-positive

  • Add a setting to let the user chose if they want the ‘failed’ point to be rescanned when an account ‘might’ be speecapped (this option is OFF by default)
  • Added That Pokemon language thanks to @ZxNumberVI
  • Add (an other) warning to not use your main account while adding them to PA (I swear I’ll be taking screen shot of people bing surprised why their Dragonite has gone from their box…. and put them on a Hall of Shame :p)

PokeAlert 4.0.6-3:

  • Fix a bug in the announcement system where they were being re-displayed
  • Add a setting to disable captcha notification
  • Add a setting to disable sound on captcha notification
  • Add Japanes language thanks to @Nekokabu

Note on red circles:

When an account only returns gyms and pokestop and NO nearby Pokemon it often means it is “speed-capped”. This how PokeAlert judges if an account get a blue or red circle.


  • if you see ALL the circles red for more than 1 or 2 minutes –> your IP is most certainly soft banned (simply restart your router or turn off and the on the Flight mode to get a new IP)

  • if you see “some” red circle and “some” blue circle –> your IP is fine and the red circle means the account got speed-capped.

When PokeAlert detects that an account is speed-capped, to avoid losing the point (like in version prior 4.0.6-2) and potentially losing a precious ratatta Dragonite, it will attempt to rescan the same point, if after 3 times it still fails it will attempt to re-login and rescan one last time, if it fails after the 4th time it will give up and try to move on to the next point.

There is nothing you or PokeAlert can do against a red circle. The worst thing you can do is stop the scan and restart, or worst stopthe scan and move the scan location. When you see a red circle leave it alone, let PokeAlert try to recover it.

Nothing really changed in PokeAlert scans mechanism between 4.0.6 and 4.0.6-2 and -3. a part of displaying different color….. “scan 4.0.6-1 works but not in 4.0.6-3”

PokeAlert 4.0.6-2:

  • Account will turn red when they are either speed-imited or when your IP is banned (when your IP is banned ALL the account will be red)
  • When an account failed a point because of a speed-limit, the point is rescanned 2 times before moving on
  • I have remove the “portrait only” restriction… Be aware when your rotate the scan WILL STOP

PokeAlert 4.0.6-1:

  • Fix a bug in the pokemon info box layout where IV were messed up visually
  • Captcha notification is now automatically removed when solved/tapped
  • Fix a bug where pokemon were getting notified whentheyshould have been filtered
  • Fix a bug where IV threshold and IV fail filter were not respected

PokeAlert 4.0.6:

  • Ditto finder mode has been improved and your accounts should not run out of balls unless there is no Pokestops around you.
  • PokeStops are now spinned more often to increase the chance of getting new balls
  • Fix the Pokemon info box so hat language with long words wont overlap
  • Added an ‘in app’ language chooser. So now you can have your phone in English but have PokeAlert in French for example
  • Fix a bug where when IV was failing you were still getting notified even if you had specified not to be notified when IV fails

We new friends!