Hey Trainer! Good news, PokéAlert 4.0.5 is out!!

Download link: https://github.com/PokeAlert/PokeAlert/releases/download/4.0.5/PokeAlert_4.0.5-5_Ditto_finder.apk

PokeAlert 4.0.5-5:

  • Enable Ditto finder mode
  • Add a distance base filter. For now it is just an extra setting in the Advanced Filter screen “Only apply this filter when distance less than xxxx meter”
  • Fix a crash when editing the scan area
  • add French translation thanks to @redking974
  • add Polish translation thanks to @arhi3a
  • add Portuges brazilian translation thanks to @Salvatori

PokeAlert 4.0.5-1:

  • I had broken the account generator screen. It is now working again
  • Added an horizontal scroll bar for captcha screen

PokeAlert 4.0.5:

  • Fix the migration issue so now you wont loose your account when updating the app (if you EVER have a crashed after you start PA, please clear the cache) Change in the Account screen:
  • on simple tap the option dialog shows up
  • on long tap it enters multi-select mode
  • on simple tap while on multi-select mode it opens the dialogs
  • when no more account is selected it return to single tap mode
  • When solving a captcha the account will automatically return to his scanning area. if it was the last on the area the area will be removed and you will have to add it manually
  • When an account needs email verification a notification is triggered instead of a toast and the account is set in pink in the account screen saying it needs email verification (If I receive one more question on “what does email verification means” I will kill someone)
  • Added captcha notification for quick scan as well
  • While on the accounts screen the list will automatically be updated when receiving a captcha)
  • No more annoying captcha message spamming at the bottom of the screen
  • Fix a bug on the advanced filter when pressing back instead of using the arrow settings were not saved
  • Added Chinese translation thanks to @Sunset!
  • Added Czech translation thanks to @petrs1 -!
  • Fix a bug when on the account screen and a captcha is triggered the account was not and never flagged has captcha
  • Added a “mark this account alive” (usefull when you have activated your account by email)
  • Fix a bug when tapping a notification outside the map was displaying an empty map

We new friends!