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PokeAlert 4.0.8-2

  • Fix a crash when tapping on the Robot icon for Android <= 5.0.1 and 6.0.0

PokeAlert 4.0.8-1

  • Add UI checks on the PTC account generator because big letter warning were not big enough for some of you :)
  • Added server filter, this will make fast scan map processing way faster.

PokeAlert 4.0.8:

  • Fix the Account generator you need now to use an Hotmail account (works for aswell)
  • Common database collecting PokeAlert and PokeMesh scans
  • Fast scan feature to retrieve these results
  • Fix a bug when Pokemon names were Chinese the external notification page was not showing properly
  • Now when an area has all its accounts are marked as captcha or email not active the area is not deleted
  • Added a small account status in the account selection list (so that its clearer because of the above)
  • Add a 4th button in the pokemon info box that let you mark a pokemon as “caught” (check mark icon) this will have the effect to avoid displaying that pokemon again (dont worry it just THAT pokemon at that precise location)
  • Several other bug fixes

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