Hey Trainer! Good news, PokéAlert 4.0.4 is out!!

What’s new:

Download link: https://github.com/PokeAlert/PokeAlert/releases/download/4.0.4/PokeAlert_4.0.4-7.apk

PokeAlert 4.0.4-7:

  • When account got a captcha sometimes it was impossible to solve it

PokeAlert 4.0.4-6:

  • Add PokeAlert auto account generator. PokeAlert will create 10 accounts for you. All what you have to do is complete a Captcha :)
  • (Re)Fixed the fact that after ~2hours of scanning login token were not refreshed :(
  • When doing a quick scan I automatically re-select the accounts from the previous quick scan
  • I have found some more memory leaks that I have fixed (I have found tons of others more but will need more time to fix these)
  • Fix an issue where when opening PokeAlert the map was empty but notification still working
  • Fix some crashes when editing the fixed Area
  • Fix the problem when accounts where not saved between updates sometimes

PokeAlert 4.0.4-3:

  • Fix a bug where login tokens were not getting refreshed causing the app to not find any monster after 1h.
  • Fix a ‘bug’ where worker path were not optimize and worker were waiting to much to finish the scans
  • Fix a bug in the requests signature that was causing empty results quite often
  • Add the account chooser dialog on quick scan
  • Fix a bug where taping on a fixed area the radius was wrongly set
  • Display a message in the account chooser to clarify that the list empty because there no ‘free’ accounts
  • Fix a UI bug in the pokemon info panel when text are too long
  • Fix the tutorial where the menu was not opened
  • Fix a crash occurring for spanish people where they couldn’t lock an area if the radius was bigger than 12
  • Fix a crash when the app was minimzed
  • Fix the share button to allow sharing not only on Whatsapp but on every other chat apps
  • Fix a crash for people using a spanish language when they tried to lock an area with a radius greater than 12
  • Fix a crash when minimising the app while the account chooser dialog was open
  • Fix a crash when a user was double tapping on the lock area

PokeAlert 4.0.4:

  • Using the new API 0.45 (so all accounts are now back to safety)
  • Re-wrote the way worker are working. They now go bit slower to avoid getting speed limited (no poke on map)
  • In case PA notice an account is speed limited it will automatically force a relogin on it which unlock them
  • New account screen with possibility to group accounts
  • Multi-select on the accounts screen + select all (long tap on the account for menu) - New scan area creation + all the area and account to area are saved and persisted. - Radius bar on the map (bottom above the ad)
  • Radius extended to 4.4km
  • Banned accounts and captcha account where not being updated in the account list so it was impossible to solve captcha and see when an account was actually banned
  • Fix a UI bug where on some screen the attack/defense/stamina were on top of each other
  • Add German and chinese languages (not everything is translated because I had to add new string in between the translations)
  • Add the “Clone” filter feature
  • Refactored the Filter screen UI to make it more intuitive. And I have made it multi select. To go in the advance settings you need now to long press on the pokemon
  • Fix a bug where showWhenIvFailed were NOT saved in multi-select mode - Add “share on whatsapp” button to share found pokemon - Enable notification on quick scan

We new friends!