Here we go… Niantic has enabled in-game captcha so your account MIGHT get asked for a captcha This version of PokeAlert will mark your account as “captcha required”. To solve it you need to go in the Account screen and tap on the account. Note the link can only be used ONCE

Download link:

PokeAlert 2.3.18-6:

  • Trigger a notification when an account needs a captcha (useful for when you don’t look at the screen)

  • Refactor the captcha screen, now it is a nice and clean centered dialog

PokeAlert 2.3.18-5:

  • Fix account not getting saved when exiting the Account Manager
  • Put a protection to avoid the user to use the captcha link twice and spamming my Twitter

PokeAlert 2.3.18-4:

  • Fix message saying account needs to be scanned

  • Set back the captcha account to be scan ready even if the captcha solving failed (because people dont understand that banned or captcha account ARE REMOVED FROM THE DAMN SCANNING LIST)

PokeAlert 2.3.18-3:

  • Fix crash when trying to solve and account before doing the scan

PokeAlert 2.3.18-2:

  • In-app captcha solving

  • Remove banned accounts and captcha account from the ready accounts list so they dont get used to scan again until fixed

We new friends!