Niantic forced the update from 0.35 to 0.39 which mean they will soon shutdown 0.35 API access.. use PokeAlert as much as you can until it last! (couple days? maybe a bit more?)

Download link:

PokeAlert 2.3.17-4:

  • Fix sever crashes due to 2.3.17-3

PokeAlert 2.3.17-3:

  • Fix a crash occurring for android 4.4.2 when saving the filter (low memory phones)

  • Minor bugs fixes and improvement found from the crash logs

PokeAlert 2.3.17-2:

  • Fix a bug when a gym is in battle and the icon colour were not correctly handled

  • Fix a bug where pokestops and gyms were drawn multiple times and causing memory issue to low memory phones.

PokeAlert 2.3.17-1:

  • Fix a bug where Pokemon where erased when the app minimzed or swipped and the service running

  • Fix a crash found in the crash log that “could” happen when closing the app and at the same time something was drawn on the map (the joy of android currency .. 👍 )

PokeAlert 2.3.17:

  • Gym and Pokestops are now displayed. I would strongly suggest NOT to turn these features on when scanning in background as it will fill up your memory pretty quickly :))

  • Fix a a crash I was seeing in the log happening when the user changes the filter during a running scan

  • Remove the ability of turning on the overlay map for device Xiaomi and Sony because it doesn’t work for these device and it spam my crash server with useless crash report

  • Add Spanish translation for most of PokeAlert app

We new friends!