Hey Trainers! PokéAlert 3.1 is here!

What’s New:

  • Fix a bug caused by -4 where some pokemon were not showing on the map

  • Improve the path/scan algorithm when there is less than 20 accounts (also improves it when >20);
  • Add different scan circle colours for each accounts.
  • Slightly amended the path algorithm to try having the worker start from the middle
  • Fix a bug where Pokemon disappeared when pressing back when the user is on the map.
  • Remove the “use fix location” from the settings. Now to enable this feature you simply have to tap and un tapped the “lock” icon on the Map!
  • Fix a crash for certain Android version when stopping a scan or when a scan takes more than 8 minutes
  • Improve memory usage for people over 50 accounts. (phone memory was exploding and the app crashing)

  • Fix the “distance from pokemon” when using the fix area which was taken from the fixed location instead of the user location
  • Reorganize map icon (and smaller icon) which was hiding some google map buttons
  • Added a custom PokeAlert notification sound for notification (you need to turn it on in the settings)
  • Improved the “path” system when scanning.

  • Fixed the annoying Overley App Detected when starting the app for new users
  • Fix a bug when tapping on the notification the latest location update was not shown
  • Fix a bug when tapping on a notification the camera didn’t zoom in the tapped pokemon
  • Fixed a bug for Android Nougat user (Android 24) when Auto-Updating the app. For you guys you still might to manually update the app for now. but at least it wont crash anymore.
  • For pokemon with no expired time the default expire time is now 15 min.And for these pokemon it will be shown when the expire time has manually set to 15 min.

  • New feature: You can now chose a fixed location when using the background service. 1) Go in the settings and enable “Use fixed Location” 2) On the map you have now a new “lock” icon than enable you to lock an scan area for the background service 3) Lock an area (note that id you do not lock any area the scan wont do anything) 4) Start the background service with the new icon (bottom middle that looks like a bell)

  • Added the “enable/disable” background service on the map (bottom, the icon that looks like bell… hey don’t judge me it took me 30 minute to find an icon that means background service)

  • Fix a bug where multiple notification were fired for the same pokemon

  • Fix radius not being respected sometimes
  • Fix some bug found in the bug reports

  • Fix a bug where when starting a scan, the next scan doesn’t change to the new location.

  • Complete refactor of the scanning system
  • Complete refactor of the way scan point are being generated
  • (try) to Improve stealthiness to avoid ban as much as possible

We new friends!