Hello Trainer! Some news for you, PokéAlert 2.3.15 is out! What’s New:

  • Fix bug where number account limit was 30
  • Improve stealthiness of the app
  • set a default expire time of 15 minutes when no time returned from the server

  • Fix the pokemon order in the Filters
  • Improve the core scanning code to make a bit more concurrent!

  • Temporarily remove the caught Pokemon filter (we noticed a bug with the way it works a prefer to disabe the feature for now until further test are carried on!)
  • Enhance PokeFast requests

  • Fix several crashes from the bug reports
  • And some minor text changes :)

  • Fix no result when using PokeFast
  • Fix a crash for people not have their Google Service up to date.

  • Fix bug where imaginary pokemon show up (If this keep happening simply turn PokeFast result off)
  • Fix a bug where some Pokemon where caught twice
  • Add a preview circle when radius is 70m

  • New feature to set a Pokemon as “caught”. Simply tap on the marker on the Map and 2 buttons will appear at the top. The one on the left is to mark it as caught

  • New feature to delete only ONE Pokemon on the map. Simply tap on the marker on the Map and 2 buttons will appear at the top. The on the right is to delete the Pokemon

  • New “Manage Caught Pokemon” screen accessible from the option (top right) to allow you to delete Pokemon caught by mistake.

  • Add an option in the settings to let the users chose if they want to get PokeFast results

Disclaimer: If Niantic Labs asks that to stop all PokeAert activities, PokeAlert will comply and the request will be fulfilled immediately

We new friends!