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What’s new:

Download link: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=385026487222272226 If the above link is dead scroll down at the bottom of the page

PokeAlert 2.3.15-2

  • IV Filter. In the Advanced filter (tap on pokemon name in filter screen) you can now decide if the pokemon gets IV scanned or not

  • IV Threshold, you can set a minimum threshold for the IV percentage. if the IV is bellow the threshold it will NOT be displayed/notified

  • Fix a crash occurring when setting the Pokemon sound to silence.

I’m really sorry but I had to entirely rewrite the filters internal structures.. This means you previous filter will all be deleted..

PokeAlert 2.3.15-1

  • Fix several memory leaks which fixes some crash for people with over 100 accounts

PokeAlert 2.3.15:

  • Filter profiles
  • Assign a notification for each Pokemon (works great when only 1 or 2 Pokemon are filtered)
  • Show IVs

About IVs: Getting IVs require PokeAlert to make an EXTRA call for EACH Pokemon. This means it will double your data usage…

Quick tuto: 1) Go to Filter Management 2) Add a new filter 3) As usual check your Pokemon 4) You can tap on the Pokemon Name to show the advance filter where you can select a ringtone

If you dont select any ringtone it will simply used the one you have set in the “settings” otherwise it will set the phone’s default

PokeAlert 2.3.14-7 Download Link: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24723757092307737

  • New settings to choose which icons you want to use (hd, or old school low res). Note that HD might not be adapted to all the screens size (yet) if they fit your screen all good if not simply stay with the low res ones.

  • For user that have not enabled the “multi-scan” you can now assign which account will scan a “single fix” area (before all the account were selected by default)

  • Added a “select all/unselect all” checkbox in the Dialog to select which account will scan an area

PokeAlert 2.3.14-6

  • New icons were not scaling properly for all phone DPIs, back to the old one for now

PokeAlert 2.3.14-5

  • Replaced the Pokemon icon with higher res icons

  • Instead of generic messages PokeAlert returns now the exact message the server returns. For example when an account tries to login it can return different error message (account not active, account temporary (15min) banned, permanent banned etc…)

PokeAlert 2.3.14-4

  • Bug where the banned message was shown when the account failed to login (but not banned)

  • Fix a bug where Ringtons were showed instead of Notification sounds

  • Fix a bug where it was not allowed to delete an area when scan was in progress (only for single area)

  • Add an option in the settings to change the map type (satellite, terrain etc..)

  • Fix a bug where Account manager allowed duplicate account (non-case sensitive)

  • Spotted 2 or 3 memory leaks which “should’ resolve some premature crashes

PokeAlert 2.3.14-3

  • Attempt to use higher res icon but was making crash every single phones except mine 👍 haha

PokeAlert 2.3.14-1

  • Put back the “lock” icon instead of “long press” to create scan area

  • Automatically remove an area if all the account of that area are banned

  • Automatically remove an account from the rotation if it is banned to avoid spamming the user with messages

PokeAlert 2.3.14:

  • Multi-Scan, let you assign different accounts to different fixed area

  • Remove the “lock” icon to select a fix area. You will need now to “long press” on the map to create a fixed area and single tap on it to remove it

  • Add “delete zone” to remove the MapOverlay (Drag the overlay icon to the X icon at the bottom of the screen

  • Add a tutorial screen when the app is started for the first time

We new friends!