What’s new

PokeAlert 2.3.13-6 (sorry for the double update):

  • Fix an issue were scan were not completing 100% and were staying hanging

  • Fix an issue were background scan was not stopping when entering the account screen (it needs to be stopped because if account are being modified while a scan is running it will cause problems…)

PokeAlert 2.3.13-5:

  • Fix an issue where account were WRONGLY marked as ban when the app loses internet or when any error happens

PokeAlert 2.3.13-4:

  • Fix an issue where gmail account not ending with @googlemail or @gmail couldn’t be added

  • Fix an issue when pressing phone’s ‘back’ option on the Account screen account where not refreshed.

  • Minor memory issue fix where when using the broom, the phone’s memory was not properly cleaned causing a leak

  • Fix an issue for new user where interval background scan is set to 2 instead 20 seconds..!

  • Add zoom button on the Map

PokeAlert 2.3.13-3:

  • New Account management screen layout
  • Order account alphabetically
  • Notifies you the account status

  • fix a small issue where the background service was to slow to stop

  • Fix banned account getting used again at each background scan cycle

PokeAlert 2.3.13-2

  • Fix a bug where some Pokemon had no expiry time and were not auto cleaned-up

  • Added an option to enable or disable vibration on notifications

  • Added back the “default” notification sound if enabled

PokeAlert 2.3.13-1

  • Attempt to fix the message “This account .. doesn’t seem to work anymore”

  • Add a new option to “dump” the logs to a file on the SD card. So in case the above still occurs please use this option and send me the logs

  • Add the possibility to choose your custom notification sounds

PokeAlert 2.3.13:

  • Fix a bug with the background service that was silently crashing when Google Play service was disconnected

  • Rewrite a BUG chuck of the background service to try make it stay alive if when the phone goes into “deep” sleep (Some phone model simply stop location request when this happens)

  • Update the PogoJava lib to complete the tutorial for new users and try mimic as much as possible the real PoGo client

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