What’s new:

  • Fix that damn “server unstable” message
  • Re-Fix Chinese language and add Chinese (Hong Kong)
  • Do not need to restart the app to apply the language change (The pokemon already on the map wont change)
  • Fix typo from Pokemons to Pokemon

  • Fix chinese pokemon language

  • Just a fix for the unstable-server message

  • Automatically accepts ToS for new accounts
  • Pokemon with accents in their name are now displayed correctly
  • When tap on Version in the settings it will redirect to the full changelog
  • Add the choice to have the pokemon’s expire time displayed in 24Hours, 12Hours or Countdown (In the settings)

Disclaimer: If Niantic Labs asks that to stop all PokeAert activities, PokeAlert will comply and the request will be fulfilled immediately

We new friends!