Fixed more bugs reported by the crashes

Thanks to the bug reports we saw many errors of some android version, this version fix many of them. Due to the addition on of the bug reporter there was to many (unhelpful) reports coming through, this version will stop the spamming

added a bug reporter (when a crash occurs it will be sent to the developers to help them fix the issues)

added a preview scan circle

added more radius

Display a message when we detected a “banned” account

Add more scan radius (70m, 180m, 210m, 250m, 450m, 600m, 940m, 1300m)

Auto despawn pokemon was only working when in “countdown” mode. This is now fixed and should also despawn them when in “fixed time” mode.

The radius were wrong.. they are now accurate with the addition of >1km radius and 70m radius

Improve battery life by removing some unused location code!

Reminder of how the filters are intended to work:

Notification Filter: only used to filter the pokemon that are gojng to trigger a notification.

Map Filter: only used to decide what pokemon will be displayed on the map (regardless of the notification filter)

We new friends!