Hey Trainers,

You probably have noticed it by now but even if you had purchase a Pogo hash server key you are getting captcha. The reason for this is that Niantic has now forced the version v51 (the version for wich they key were working).

This means that with or without key all the accounts are using a “deprecated” api” and this why you are getting Captcha easily.

Do not worry, during the gap your keys are put on ‘hold’ and will be extended to compensate ‘lost’ days.

The good news is that the team that is cracking the API and selling the keys have announced that thy have already cracked the new (v53) version!

Expect to see a PokeAlert update sometimes today :)

[If you do not already have Pogo hash server key you can purchase one here] (http://www.pokealertapp.com/news/2016/12/30/Hash-server-key-sales/)

We new friends!