Hey Trainers,

Exiting news are coming…!

Thanks to the scans of both PokeAlert and Pokemesh users we have accumulated thousands and thousands of Pokemon spawns all overthe world!

We will soon be releasing a new “Web-map” that will show all the spawns!

As a reminder, PokeAlert offer the ability to do a “Cache-scan” (The thunderbolt icon). This scan doesn’t use any of your accounts and directly displays ALL the Pokemon PokeAlert and PokeMesh user have scanned (This is whay it is called “Cache-scan” because the Pokemon are retrieved from the Cache server)

Up until now the use of the “Cache-scan” was without limit. But this means that people could simply use it without actually “contributing’ to the cache.. To try fix this we have introducded the notion of “Cache-scan tokens”. “Cache-scan tokens” is a way to ensure that you can only use the “Cache-scan” feature if you have contributed to the cache.

“Cache scan tokens” are rewarded to you each time you complete a 70m (the smalled radius) scan in PokeAlert. The more you scan the more token you will accumulate the more you will be able to use the fast “cache-scan”!

At the time of this blog post you will be rewarded with 1 token when you scan 10 times a 70m area. This is quite a generous reward as it is very easy and quick to complete this kind of scan in PokeAlert. Each time you wish to make a “cache-scan” token will be deducted depending on the radius the scan is made. The cost of a 70m is currently set at 0.1 token but could increase or decrease depending on future needs..

PokeAlert will display for you how much token will be used before you make a cache-scan.

Since PokeAlert 4.0.11-8 you will now have noticed this “Global Cache Token” in the menu. The purpose of this token is to allow a faire-use on the upcoming Web-map. Basically to be able to use the Web-map you will simply have to enter this “Global Cache Token” and all your available “Cache-scan tokens” will be displayed. Same as wth PokeAlert, your tokens will be detucted each time you make a “cache-scan”. You are totally free to share this “Global Cache Token” with your friends.

Here is a simple example of a reward and use of tokens:

  • scansPerToken = 10
  • scanCost = 0.1

Consider you are scanning with PokeAlert and you have scanned 50 times 70m, the server will reward you with 5 tokens. with a tokeCost of 0.1 you will be ableto make a scan up to a 450m radius

You can use this link if you wish to know how exactly the cost is calculated (simply change the CalcPriceOfRadius to know of much a certain radius will cost)

We new friends!