The recent PokémonGO update has officially drop the support for rooted device</a>. A sad/bad move from Niantic that is preventing lot of legit players to get into the game (including many devices that came out stock  pre-rooted). Before starting with the little guide that will guide you through the installation of Magisk we would like to make a couple of considerations:

  • The new check introduced on PokémonGO is SafetyNet (the same system used by Google Pay)
  • We are almost sure that a better way to bypass this check will came out
  • This is the unique way (at the moment)
  • As many other flashable things, even Magisk, can break or totally brick your device. We successfully bypass SafetyNet with it and if you meet any problems during the installation/post-installation process we won’t be here to recover your device and even more, we are not responsible for any damage to your device. This guide is intended for people with a little experience with Android mods.

What you need:

The needed downloads that will make the work are the following:

  • phh’s SuperUser (Download)
  • Magisk (Download)
  • Magisk Manager (Download)
  • (OPTIONAL) if you are using XPosed, you can find a modded version attached to the XDA thread, get it (Downloads)

Once you get the 3 files, plus the optional 4th for xposed, you are ready to go. Boot your recovery mode and flash the 2 zips in order:

  • phh’s SuperUser
  • Magisk
  • And for last, the modded xposed (this is still optional, skip if you don’t user XPosed)

Once flashed, reboot your device and install Magisk Manager and phh’s SuperUser from the Google Play Store. Open up Magisk Manager and check the “Root Toggle” (The first time you toggle it, it will reset it’s position to “on” and will request the root permissions. Grant the root permissions and toggle it again). A green text stating “Safety Net (Android Pay) should work, but no root temporarily”.

Open PokémonGO and enjoy