Hey there Trainers,

After being online again for a day or two we’ve once again been struck by the fist of Niantic. It has come to our attention that new server side changes have caused the despawn timers to be desync’d and can show wrong data because of the way how PokéAlert handles these timers. With these new server side changes it has become impossible for us (and other tools) to calculate the despawn timers properly which will lead to the following consequences:

To prevent issues and misconceptions we are now forced to remove the timers above Pokémon. Timers will still show, but only once they reach the 60 seconds left mark, as this is a point we can tell for sure. This means that we’ll be releasing a new version of PokéAlert soon, where these changes are taken into account.

We hope to have informed you well enough to understand what is going on.

We new friends!