The nation’s obsession with all things Pokémon has officially reached new heights with the launch of PokéDates, a matchmaking service that connects fellow Pokémon Go players.

The service was created by dating site Project Fixup. Once you sign up, you’ll be prompted to answer a few questions about your potential PokéMate (What are your fixup weaknesses? What are your deal breakers?). You can then plug in your availability and specialists (actual humans!) will then review your PokéProfile and set you up with your potential soulmate (unsurprisingly, most dates start off at a Pokéstop or PokéGym).

Enjoy your first date for free and each subsequent match for $20—unless you refer your single, Pokémon-obsessed friends, in which case you’ll be able to earn additional free dates.

So whip those iPhones out and get ready to catch some Pikachus while falling in love.

We new friends!