Pokemon Go has been a worldwide phenomenon (when the servers stay up, at least). But as fun and addicting as it is right now, a lot of the mainstream hype surrounding it is just that — hype. The core game mechanics are actually pretty basic and as we’ve found out over the last few days, downright boring and laborious as you hit higher levels. If Pokemon Go is truly to stay in the forefront of popular culture, Niantic and the Pokemon Company are going to have to continually build on and improve PoGo. At San Diego Comic Con this year, Niantic CEO John Hanke and Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick talked about some of the future plans and roadmap for PoGo. Chief talking points include: Continued server improvements, new generations of Pokemon, in-game trading, in-game breeding, a bigger emphasis on Pokestops (such as custom Pokestops and Pokestops able to be modified in utility or function by players). At any rate, Pokemon Go’s insane first week hype has already died down a big — there are less people in the park most nights than there were initially. That first week hype and player count at its peak was never something that would be sustained long term. That said, the small but very vocal fanbase (of Pokemon in general) is now wholly larger thanks to Pokemon Go, and with it, Niantic and friends’ potential to do more (and make more) down the road. Speaking of down the road — Niantic said that there isn’t any specific timeline for anything mentioned at Comic Con meaning we could be waiting quite a while. As I’ve said before though, this whole thing is only this conglomerate’s to lose. If they rest on their laurels and let the hype subside, it’ll be hard to get people back in months down the road (if that’s how long some of the first big, critical feature additions take). I’ve become pretty addicted to it, I’ll admit. Those edge users though may not be as patient. It’ll be interesting to see how the game and it’s players evolve (no pun intended) over the coming months.

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